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Warm Sand Ultra High Gloss Kitchen


Nobilia Line N Focus – Sand Ultra High Gloss Units with Fugen 20mm Quartz in White Shimmer worktops. Complete with Bosch Ovens, Bora GP4 hob and The 1810 Company tap and sink, finished off with our trademark fully tuneable lighting.


Not all kitchen transformations have to involve wall removals and extensions to enable to you to have a larger kitchen space and this right here is a prime example of that. Just by simply bricking up a door that was never used, it allowed the room to be reconfigured creating a U shape that increased both the amount storage space and work surface area while seeming to open the whole room up.

Not only does the new layout make the kitchen a practical place to cook but the choice of colours and the feel of the room makes you want to spend time in this warm and comforting space. The combination of the warm toned sand with the high gloss finish and our signature lighting system just allows light to fill and bounce round the room which is perfect when the days are getting duller and the nights are longer, you just know this kitchen will never feel dark and dreary no matter what the weather has in store.

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