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Pros of Handleless Kitchens

It’s no surprise that the handleless kitchen design has made a re-emergence, thanks to the growing love for sleek and elegant interiors. And with its modernity and simplicity, the handleless design will never go out of date, meaning it is well worth the investment. But with so many kitchen designs available, it is important to choose the right one for you – so we’ve made this incredibly handy list of the pros of handleless kitchens to help!

Firstly what is a handleless kitchen?

A handleless kitchen is exactly what it sounds like. It is a kitchen that has no handles on the cabinets, drawers or cupboards, therefore, creating a clean, and totally modern look. Although this sounds simple there are countless designs to choose from.

The J-pull

The J-pull design is essentially a cupboard door or drawer that has the handle built-in. This handle is J shaped, (hence its name) and allows a door to be easily opened.

The True Handleless

A true handleless kitchen has no built-in handle like a J-pull but instead has a rail. This rail runs behind the drawer or cupboard door, creating space for fingers to grip either the top or the side and open the furnish.

The Push-to-open

A push-to-open handleless design needs a light touch to open. Instead of grabbing and pulling a handle you just simply pop the door or drawer open.

Pros of Handleless Kitchen Designs


You can’t deny that a handleless kitchen is sleek and modern. The smooth surfaces and streamlined design create a clean and contemporary look.


There are so many possibilities with a handleless kitchen, finishes from high gloss to matt, concrete effect and industrial look. With endless colour options available, you will be spoilt for choice.


A kitchen is a dangerous place with knives and electrical appliances but a handleless kitchen helps to keep it as safe as possible. With no handles or knobs, there is less chance of knocking yourself on the handles and bruising. And for an extra level of safety, you’ll never have to worry about catching your sleeve on those handles.

Extra space

Handleless kitchens offer a smooth finish to your kitchen giving the illusion of more space. This is extremely valuable if you have a small kitchen or are designing an open-plan kitchen as it will add a light and airy atmosphere.


On one hand, it’s an extremely practical choice as you won’t need to spend hours choosing and matching your handles to your cabinets. On the other, it may also be handy for people who have limited dexterity as you won’t need to grip onto a handle. Whether a handleless kitchen is practical will depend on your lifestyle so it’s worth considering what matters to you.


One of the main pros of a handleless kitchen design is that it is timeless. A handleless kitchen is elegant, and the sleek characteristics mean you have no need to worry about it going out of style anytime soon.

Kitchen Appliances

The minimalistic look that a handleless kitchen provides means it complements any kitchen appliance. Whether your appliances are uber-modern or English countryside they will perfectly match your kitchen.

So is a handleless kitchen right for you?

Now you’ve been able to consider some of the benefits of handleless kitchens, you might have a better idea of whether it is the right choice for you.

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